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Bail Bond Services

AAA Bail Bonds of Lubbock is here to provide bail bonding services to Lubbock County and surrounding area’s. If you have been arrested in Lubbock, Terry or Hockley County we have bondsman ready to bail you out. 

Choosing a bail bondsman is an important decision because not all bonding companies are the same. AAA Bail Bonds Lubbock will always try to work with you regardless of the situation. The relationship between a bail bondsman and defendant is unique and should be one of trust. Even after the bond has been posted there are responsibilities that must be met from both sides. AAA Bail Lubbock will work with you throughout the entire court process to ensure you are not caught off guard. 

Misdemeanor Bail

A misdemeanor is defined as a non-indictable offense and is considered a lower crime than a felony. 

Some examples of a misdemeanor crime would be driving under the influence (DUI), possession of marijuana, domestic violence, or public intoxication (this is not a complete list and there are many other misdemeanor crimes in the code’s). 

AAA Bail will be able to get an inmate charged with a misdemeanor out of jail very quickly. 

Felony Bail

A felony is a crime that  typically involves violence and is considered more serious than a misdemeanor. Felonies are usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year in a penitentiary or by death. 

Some examples of felony crimes would be murder, robbery, sexual assault (rape), aggravated assault, and many others.

AAA Bail will begin working on the bail paperwork as soon as we hear from you. Felony charges can take a little longer but we will expedite everywhere we can.  

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